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Birth & Fresh 48

Birth story photography

Birth is beautiful!

Capturing the birth of your child can be one of the most amazing things you can do to remember that special day. You've spent many months preparing for this day - let's capture it! I'm in for it all - water births, hospital births, home births, Cesarean births - you name it... 

  • The 1st step is an in-person Meet & Greet/Design Consultation if your due date is available. This way we can get to know each other, and I can share details around the process. During the consultation we will discuss what images you personally want captured, whether that's all raw photos (amazing what the female body is capable of!) or more discreet images. Simply contact me. 

  • Birth Videography - Interested in this? I do beautiful birth videos for clients. These can be added on to photography services.

See the BIRTH INVESTMENT page for Package info

baby just being born birth photography

Birth Photography FAQs

1. When should I call you to come?

  • ​Clients are told to call me as soon as they realize they are having active labor contractions so that I can begin to prepare my day around the birth. My goal is to join you during active labor at around 6-7 centimeters dilated. For scheduled cesarean births, we will plan together - I typically like to arrive at the hospital after you have settled into your room

2. What if you miss the birth?

  • In the unlikely event that I miss the birth due to a super fast labor/birth, I will still come to capture the rest of your birth story. If you go into labor ahead of 37 weeks when I'm not yet on call, I will still try to be there or call another on-call photographer​

3. How long do you stay?

  • I will stay from when I arrive (goal of 6-7cm dilated)until about an hour or so after delivery. This could mean I'm with you for 2 hours or 20 hours - that all depends on baby! I will stay after delivery to capture all the first moments including weighing of baby, measuring, first check, breastfeeding, parent hugs, kisses, and even visitors if they are available and welcome in.

4. Are you going to take pictures of the baby crowning?

  • I am there to capture the moments that you want! If you would like to see graphic images so you can truly see everything you may be missing during delivery, I will include those. If you don't want images of baby crowning, I can take photos that are more discreet. It all depends on you and we will discuss it all during your pre-session consultation.

5. What about lighting (sometimes rooms are dark)?

  • I'll say it upfront - the more light in the room, the better! I will use whatever light sources available but use flash rarely because I find it can be obtrusive and distracting. I want to be capturing your birth story without being a distraction to anyone. I may ask if I can open the blinds/shades at some point - or turn on a light if needed.​

6. What does it cost?

  • All investment information is on the Investment Page. Feel free to contact me for more details or with any questions​

How much are you looking forward to welcoming your baby into the world?!


This only happens ONCE so make sure you don't miss it! Mom's who view their Birth Story images are always so amazed by how much they missed during their birth (due to all the pushing, delivering the after birth, coming out of surgery, etc.) To be able to see everything after the fact is so special and wonderful. Mom's (and other family members) get to see the baby getting weighed/measured and so many other moments they may not have seen if it wasn't photographed. 


My job as a photographer is to capture the raw and beautiful moments while staying out of the way as much as possible. I don't intend to be intrusive or use on camera flash during your birth, but will if necessary. I want your birth experience to be as soothing as possible without having to worry about photos. 


Reach out today to discuss your birth and see if I have availability.

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Birth Video:

birth video

fresh 48 / nicu photography 

What is a Fresh 48 session? This is a special session for new families who want to capture the details within the first few hours of their new baby's life. There are very few moments in life that are so emotional and fresh, and I'm here to help you remember them for years to come.  

This is NOT a session capturing the actual birth process and is NOT a posed newborn session - this IS a session for families who want to capture the newest moments without the intensity of actual delivery or customization of a fully posed studio session.


What is a NICU Session? NICU sessions are basically Fresh 48 sessions for little ones who had to be admitted to the NICU. In the case that your baby(s) needs a little extra medial attention, you can elect to have me come photograph them in the NICU (if hospital approved) or I can wait until baby has been discharged into you arms.


  • Portraits are taken within the first 24-48 hours after birth/prior to discharge during the day sometime (typically around noon for the best window light); your family will be documented within about an hour

  • I will be on-call 24/7 for 2 weeks before and 1 week after your due date so that I can make sure I will be available within the 48hr time frame. Please make sure to keep me up-to-date with labor and delivery as soon as you know something so I can plan my events around your session. I accept texts, calls, or even a FB message!  


  • Immediate family - mom, dad, newborn, siblings(s); Grandparents are also welcome if so desired and allowed

  • Please make sure to only have those being photographed in the room at the time of our session - nurses can help to intercept guests should any arrive during session or they can be asked to put a sign on the door to check with nurses before entering


  • Your hospital postpartum room or at home if you delivered outside of the hospital

What to expect:

  • This is a relaxed session and photos are meant to be a more "lifestyle" in nature (less posed). If baby is sleepy, I'll photograph that way.

  • If baby is fussy, please feel free to nurse and love on baby. I'll plan to get photos with each parent and even siblings first looks if there are any! We can take some of baby wrapped up and just in the diaper for the cute tummy and new feet pictures.

  • This session is inclusive meaning a certain number of digital images are included (Any additional images, prints and products can be purchased separately during your Reveal and Ordering Session).

What to wear:

  • For Baby: we can use any swaddles from the hospital or wraps/hats you have with you. We will also photograph just in the diaper.

  • For Parents/siblings(s): Wear something you are comfortable in! Neutral and natural colors are always good and mom robes work too; try to stay away from shirts with words/logos on them or bright neon colors because they can have a color cast on baby.

FAQs & What Ifs...

1. Can I book a Fresh 48 & a newborn session?

  • Yes, of course. They compliment each other well. They are two very different sessions at two different times with each different feel. 

2. Do you photograph the actual time of birth or just after?

  • For Fresh 48 sessions, the actual birth is not documented. If you want photos of labor and delivery, please see my birth story offering.

3. Will my photos be private?

  • My standard contract include a release allowing me to use your images for my portfolio, website, advertising, contests and more. If you want to opt-out, please let me know ahead of time. 

4. Do you charge by time spent onsite for a Fresh 48, and how does the investment work?

  • Nope! Fresh 48 sessions include the session itself (up to an hour) plus a certain number of digital images (see investment page). If you feel you want to purchase printed products, that is an option that's available to you. In order to book, you will pay the full session amount up front.

5. What if baby comes early or is more than 2 weeks late?

  • My on-call time is 2 weeks prior to your due date and 1 week after. If you deliver outside this range, I will do my best to still capture the precious moments within the first 48 hours. If I am out of town or unable to accommodate, you can choose to have an in home lifestyle newborn session for the same rate or I can attempt to call a backup photographer to document this time (I will still edit all the images in my photography style).


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